Edgewater Gymnastics Making Bay County History

SOUTHPORT, Fla. - There are a large number of incredible athletes in the Panhandle, but few are as dedicated, hard working, or dominant as the girls out at Edgewater Gymnastics in Southport.


In fact, this spring they made Bay County history, when all three of their teams came in first at the State Meet.

They also finished second, fifth, and second at Regionals. Three of their girls – Mackenzie Glover, Lauren Timmins, and McKayla Holmes – finished as all-around champions. The gym also boasts multiple gymnasts ranked in the top 100 in the country.

It was a very successful year at Edgewater Gymnastics, and one that has them excited for the future.

One of those champions was 5th grader Lauren Timmins, despite it being her first year on team. She explains what went through her mind when she brought home first.


"I was relieved because it was my first year,” Timmins says, “I know I did good at the other competitions, but I was so happy."


Now the girls are working through the summer, and not just a day here and there.

They are practicing 20 hours per week to prepare for the upcoming competition season that begins in January.

They're at the gym five days per week for four hours at a time.

That's a big deal. These are young athletes giving up huge chunks of their summer break when they could be relaxing around.

But talk to anyone at the gym, and you'll quickly learn that taking it easy isn't in their personality.


"I always ask my mom, 'Can I go outside? Can I go outside?', and she says, 'You were just at gymnastics ten hours this week,'” Team Captain Madison Ford says, “I'm like, ‘I love gymnastics and I just want to go back.’"


"Oh these are the hardest working people I've ever met,” Coach Anna Rodriguez adds, “They're not just physically strong, they're mentally strong. They're going to take that with them the rest of their lives. They're here and they're busting their whole bodies. They're in here sweating. They can probably lift more than football players at college. These girls are strong individuals."

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