NEW YORK (AP)Victories by Argentina and France in the World Cup semifinals were each seen by nine million people in the U.S.

Argentina’s 3-0 win over Croatia on Tuesday was seen by 9.3 million. The match was viewed by 6.47 million on Fox, according to Nielsen. Fox said the figure included 677,000 streaming the match on its digital services. The game was viewed by 2.83 million on Spanish-language Telemundo.

Nielsen did not include Spanish-language streaming on Peacock and Telemundo.

France’s 2-0 victory over Morocco on Wednesday was viewed by 9 million. The game was seen by 6.59 million on Fox, which said the figure included 660,000 streaming the game digitally. The win by Les Bleus was seen by 2.41 million on Telemundo, Nielsen said.

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