FORT MYERS, Fla. (WMBB) — Bozeman and Holmes County are readying for their semi-final 1A playoff games Wednesday.

Top-seeded Bozeman is taking on Dixie County.

The Bucks are 24-4 this season and have won every single game against the 1A competition they have played.

“It’s more of just like do what we do all year,” Bucks center fielder Brody Langlotz said. “You know we’re not really thinking about like the seeding we all know like Dixie County, every team that made it this far is going to be good.”

Holmes County is playing Fort White. The Blue Devils are 22-7 and undefeated in 1A play. After getting knocked out of the playoffs by Chipley last season, Holmes County has returned with a vengeance.

We were down here and we had more fun and we were excited to be here and kind of forgot what we were here for. And next thing we know Chipley put it to us pretty good,” Holmes County Head Baseball Coach Jeromy Powell said. “This year there’s a different sense in all of them and they’re here on a mission.”