Bay County School Gymnasiums Rebuilding After Hurricane Michael

Schools Rebuilding Courts in Gyms

PANAMA CITY, Fla - Almost three months have passed since Hurricane Michael hit Bay County and high schools around the area are still feeling the effects, especially to some of their athletic facilities.
"It's been almost a nightmare, it's been tough on the kids, tough on each sport individually," Bay High Athletic Director Michael Grady said.
Bay High School is currently working on their gym floor and are on a time crunch to finish. They want to be done by the time February rolls around and they host district basketball tournaments. In the meantime, their teams have been using 8-10 different facilities in the area.
Rutherford is in a similar situation, practicing at Rosenwald and playing games at Gulf Coast. They hope to get back in their gym by February. Rutherford Boys Basketball Coach Rhondie Ross said the players have been transitioning as best they can.
Nothing about this is normal,what happened to this city. All I can do is get into a routine, and the kids have bought into that routine," Ross said. "They know we have to bring bags to practice and it's what we have to do."
On the other side of town Mosley, who still has a gym and has been using it, but not a traditional court. They've been playing on a floor dating back to the 70's, made of all rubber.
"They haven't complained as much. When you dive for a ball on a wood floor, you slide but on this floor you stick, so you do come up with some turf burns," Mosley Athletic Director Josh Vandergrift said. "But they haven't complained at all, they practice on it, they play on it, its their home court so they take pride in it."
Even with all the moving parts, these rival teams have been coming together for each other.
"When it comes to football, basketball, we want to beat Rutherford, Mosley, but in a time like this its much more about the community," Grady said.

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