Bay announces Keith Bland as Head Football Coach


Bay High announced Keith Bland as its new head football coach on Wednesday.

Bland has spent the past ten years as principal at Arnold High School, but he has an extensive background in athletics. He play college football at Memphis State, before graduating and becoming an assistant coach at Bay. He then coached other sports and went on to become the head coach and athletic director at Apalachicola. He also coach as an assistant at Mosley. 

Bland will begin his transition to Bay immediately. He says he has some duties to tie up over the bridge but will get onto Bay’s campus next week and be full-time by the spring. 

Coaching and being a principal is still leading people and it’s managing people and getting them to believe into the plan and working harder than they worked before. I see a lot of similarities between the two positions. One happens to take place in the classroom. The other happens to take place on a football field. Sometimes you have dreams and aspirations as a career, and there’s always that one job and just said, ‘If that one was it, that would be the one I’d make a move for.’ Obviously, Bay High Football is that one. Being a young coach for ten years and the high school and a player at Bay High School, it was that one job that you’d say, ‘I’d make a change for that,'” said Bland.

Arnold will advertise for the principal position. Assistant Principal Julie Carmichael is acting principal.

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