Arnold boys weighlifting team looking forward to state competition


The Arnold weightlifting team already has their sights set on a state championship. The Marlins hosted a small meet today against Bozeman. 

The Marlins did extremely well today. All of their lifters did the best in their respective classes. 

Head Coach Josh Flaig said these small meets help them when preparing for the post-season. 

“The meets leading up to the State Championship and districts and regionals really gives us an opportunity to figure out where the guys are and let us know how they are growing, what’s working not working, some of them are seeing a lot of gains and others aren’t,” Flaig said. “That allows me as a coach to figure out where I need to focus my attention on, whether its bench press, clean and jerk or what have it. So it’s a really good assessment throughout the year.”

All the lifters have their minds set on winning a state championship this year too. 

“We definitely have a lot more people this year a lot more than any other year we’ve had, it seems like we have a lot more people committed as well. So we actually think we have a chance at winning state as a team just like the girls did this year I mena it’s gonna be close, it’s gonna be a matter of one or two points but like we may be able to pull it off,” Arnold lifter Wesley Horn said. “It just takes a few of us like really puttin gin the work and winning and we need at least four or five of us placing this year, it’s gonna be hard but I think we can do it.”

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