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Which Ugg boots should you buy?

There’s nothing better than moments where fashion and comfort perfectly align. High heels and artistic shoe design may be pretty to look at, but they’re not always very comfortable or practical to wear.

When colder weather sets in, it’s also nice to have something that complements winter clothing while protecting your feet from the chilly air. Ugg boots provide stylish and comfortable footwear throughout the winter months. Plus, Ugg even offers colorful rain boots, which can serve you well in April showers.

What are Ugg boots?

Ugg is a shoe brand founded in 1978. Brian Smith, a surfer from Australia, moved to California and designed a boot made from sheepskin in a now-iconic design. The slip-on boots quickly became popular in the surfing community, and over the following decades, Ugg boots gained momentum in mainstream fashion throughout the world.

The initial hype around the classic Ugg boot design has died down a bit in recent years. But the brand continues to produce variations of its classic style and has branched out into other types of footwear and apparel, such as Ugg slippers.

One of the defining features of Ugg boots is the quality suede and sheepskin used to make the boots. The material is durable and the inside fleece is super soft and comfortable.  

Types of Ugg boots

The general shape and style of Ugg boots is instantly recognizable but, beyond that, Ugg boots generally fall into three main categories:

  • Classic: The iconic Ugg boot shape is available in four lengths: ultra mini, mini, short and long. Each pair is made with cow suede and has a sheepskin fleece inner lining. While they’re available in lots of different colors, the most recognizable are neutral colors such as chestnut, black and gray.  
  • Fashion: Building on the classic Ugg boot aesthetic, the brand often produces different lines that include fresh takes on the standard shape. This includes details such as using faux fur in place of sheepskin and extra detail such as bows on the outside of the boots.
  • Rain: Ugg has also branched out from purely fashionable footwear to produce more functional versions of the boots. Since the suede on the classic boots is not suitable for wet weather, you can pick up Ugg rain boots in different lengths and styles made from rubber.

12 best Ugg boots to buy

Best Ugg Womens Classic Short II Boot

Ugg Women’s Classic Short II Boot

The short boot is an iconic Ugg style and sits about halfway up the calf, although you can fold down the top to your ankle to expose the sheepskin lining. This style is available in 20 shades ranging from classic, neutral black to bright reds and blues.

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Best Ugg Womens Bailey Bow II Boot

Ugg Women’s Bailey Bow II Boot

If you like to stand out with a little extra detail, this set of short boots has two satin bows on the back of the boots. You can choose from seven different colors and the boots are treated for water-repellency.

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Best Koolaburra by Ugg Womens Dezi Short Boot

Koolaburra by Ugg Women’s Dezi Short Boot

For an extra edge, this pair of boots combines the classic Ugg shape with an asymmetrical top and fur trim on the outside right down to the ankle. The lining is faux fur in place of the classic sheepskin fleece.

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Best Ugg Womens Classic Cardy Boot

Ugg Women’s Classic Cardy Boot

Another take on the classic short Ugg boot, the outside of this pair is made from a knit material that is 50% wool and 50% acrylic. The shaft wraps around the calf with button detail on the outside for extra style.

Sold by Amazon

Best Ugg Womens Classic Mini II Winter Boot

Ugg Women’s Classic Mini II Winter Boot

This mini version of the Ugg boot is great for times when you want to keep your feet cozy but it’s not quite chilly enough for a longer boot. They also have Ugg Treadlite technology on the sole to keep the boots slip-resistant on wet ground.

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Best Ugg Womens Neumel Platform Zip Fashion Boot

Ugg Women’s Neumel Platform Zip Fashion Boot

The Ugg boot classic suede material should be kept away from water as much as possible, so the extra-tall platform on these ankle boots is great for wet weather. The front zip detail makes them easy to put on.

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Best Ugg Womens Tasman X Rain Boot

Ugg Women’s Tasman X Rain Boot

If you want all the comfort of Ugg boots but the ability to wear them in wet weather, these rain boots are waterproof. The sock lining is made with soft wool and can be removed for washing as needed.

Sold by Amazon

Best Ugg Womens Neumel Boot

Ugg Women’s Neumel Boot

The classic Ugg boot fit isn’t to everyone’s taste, but these front-lace ankle boots mean you can enjoy the same quality and comfort in a different style. They’re available in 16 colors, from neutral chestnut to flamboyant shades like soda orange.

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Best Ugg Womens Classic Clear Mini Ankle Boot

Ugg Women’s Classic Clear Mini Ankle Boot

Keeping warm and dry can be a challenge during colder months, but this pair of short Ugg boots combines a waterproof rubber shell with a cozy sheepskin lining. The black bands on the outside are branded with the Ugg logo and the insole is removable.

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Best Ugg Womens Classic Tall II Boot

Ugg Women’s Classic Tall II Boot

For extra-chilly days, this tall version of the iconic Ugg boot style wraps around the calf and sits just below the knee to keep you extra cozy. They come in four classic colors: black, chestnut, gray and chocolate.

Sold by Amazon

Best Koolaburra by Ugg Womens Victoria Short Fashion Boot

Koolaburra by Ugg Women’s Victoria Short Fashion Boot

This pair of short boots combines comfortable sheepskin with fashionable faux fur on the inner lining. The lining is exposed on the outside of each boot and decorated with two suede bows for some added detail to the classic look.

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Best Ugg Womens Classic Ultra Mini Ankle Boot

Ugg Women’s Classic Ultra Mini Ankle Boot

This extra short version of the classic Ugg boot sits right under the ankle, making them easy to slip on and off. They’re available in 18 different colors and have extra stitching around the front to add detail and structure.

Sold by Amazon

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