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Best dog selfie sticks

It’s natural that you want to take selfies with your pup to have a record of the good times you have together, but dogs won’t always play ball — or would rather be playing with balls than posing for a selfie. 

If you’re sick of filling your camera roll with endless photos of you with your dog looking the other way or appearing uninterested, you need help. With the right advice, you’ll soon learn how to take the perfect selfie with your dog. 

Don’t force your dog to take a selfie with you

You might want to record a nice moment for posterity or get more likes on Instagram, but your dog doesn’t care about any of that. That doesn’t mean you should never take a selfie with your pooch, but don’t force it — stop if they seem stressed out. After all, you want to capture a pleasant memory, not a time when your dog was getting annoyed with you for sticking a phone in their face.


You’ll usually get better results after a play session with their favorite ball or at other times when they’re relaxed, happy and curious, rather than when they’re napping or engaged in something else.

Go to your dog rather than bringing them to you

If your dog gets stressed, impatient or fidgety when you ask them to pose for a selfie, try entering their space instead of bringing them into yours. For instance, if your dog’s standing out in the yard, soaking up some rays, kneel down next to them and get a quick snap of the two of you together. Your dog probably won’t even notice what you’re doing, or you might capture a sweet unstaged moment as your dog greets you. 

Use natural lighting for pet selfies

All dogs are beautiful, but the right lighting will make them look just as good in a photo as they do in three dimensions. Natural lighting will capture your dog’s coloring and the texture of their coat better than artificial light, so switch off those overhead lights and position yourself near a window, or head outside.  

Turn off the flash

Natural lighting is ideal, but even bright artificial lights are far better than using a flash. Photos generally look better without flashes, which tend to wash out their subjects and cause red eyes. More importantly, a flash can startle dogs and hurt their eyes, so you should always avoid it in pet photography. Make sure you have the flash turned off before you take a photo with your dog. 

Consider burst mode when taking selfies with your dog

Dogs are notoriously fidgety when taking photos, so you might press the shutter button at the perfect moment, only for your dog to move right away, leaving your image a blurred mess. You’ll usually get better results by using your phone’s burst mode, which takes multiple photos in quick succession. This way, you should get a good photo even if your dog moves mid-snap. 

Avoid distractions for your dog

Let’s face it, dogs are easily distracted. It’s not fair to expect your canine companion to pose patiently for a photo with all kinds of distractions around them. If there are other dogs to greet at the dog park, squirrels to chase or delivery drivers to bark at, let your pup do their thing and choose a different time to take a selfie with them. 

Resort to bribery to get the perfect selfie with your dog

Zukes Mini Naturals

There’s no shame in bribing your dog to take a selfie with you. A liberal dose of treats sweetens the deal for most dogs. Small training treats, such as Zuke’s Mini Naturals, are ideal because you can ply your pup with lots of them without adding too many extra calories to their diet.

Use treats to encourage your dog to sit and wait, take a selfie or two, then give them another treat as a reward for sitting still. If you have someone else with you, ask them to hold a treat just beyond the camera to keep your dog’s attention while you snap a selfie. 

If your dog isn’t food motivated, you can reward them with a play session instead. For example, if they know they’ll get to play with their favorite tug toy after a selfie session, it will build positive associations so your dog will eventually look forward to selfie time. 

Use a dog selfie stick

Think about using a dog selfie stick to capture the perfect picture of your pup. These devices aren’t really selfie sticks, as such — you could more accurately describe them as selfie tools.

You clip them on top of your phone and they can hold treats or toys, or have built-in toys. This captures your dog’s attention while you get a selfie — the perfect solution if your dog is usually staring off to one side or looking at the floor in selfies, rather than looking even remotely in the direction of the camera.

Best dog selfie sticks

Pooch Selfie Dog Selfie Stick

Pooch Selfie Dog Selfie Stick

Get your dog’s attention with a squeaking tennis ball for a happy, engaged face in every shot. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Fred Howligans Woofie Pet Selfie Tool

Fred Howligans Woofie Pet Selfie Tool

One end of this tool attaches to the top of your phone while the other holds a treat of your choice — the perfect way to get the attention of a food-motivated dog. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

FlexyPaw Dog Selfie Stick

FlexyPaw Dog Selfie Stick

Consisting of a flexible arm with a clip on the end to hold a favorite treat or toy, it easily helps you get a decent selfie with your pup. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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