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Which jewelry box is best? 

Looking for a jewelry box that’s attractive and organized? Separating out jewelry and untangling chains is frustrating and runs the risk of damaging delicate metals. A good jewelry box gives you a safe place to store your jewelry where it can be accessed easily.

If you have a ton of jewelry and need help getting organized, check out the Vlando Jewelry Box Organizer for its stylish, creative compartments.

What to know before you buy a jewelry box

Types of jewelry boxes

There are five main types of jewelry boxes, and the one you choose depends primarily on the space you have. 

  • Jewelry chest: With multiple compartments, this is the standard large jewelry box that usually features a main section divided into assorted squares, plus a few lower drawers for additional storage. 
  • Music box: This is a small jewelry box with one or two compartments that either plays music when opened or can be wound up to play music on command. It’s a fun concept and works for a few pieces of jewelry but doesn’t always have a ton of space or organizational attributes.
  • Jewelry armoire: A freestanding armoire is taller than a chest and has more drawers. It includes compartments on each side for hanging necklaces so they don’t get tangled. Some are so tall they can stand on the floor, taking up less space on your dresser. 
  • Wall armoire: This one also features hooks for hanging necklaces but the box isn’t freestanding — it mounts to the wall. Some wall armoires also function as full-length mirrors, with a mirrored door that opens to reveal the jewelry.
  • Travel case: This is a great way to keep jewelry organized on the go. The case is compact, sometimes with a handle, and features individual compartments or rolls to keep jewelry separate and secure.


Classically, jewelry boxes are constructed from wood, but these days there are several options depending on what you want to spend. In addition to bare wooden jewelry boxes, there are glass boxes, acrylic boxes and engineered wooden boxes. Some of these are trimmed in real or faux leather for a seamless design. 


While some jewelry boxes are unlined, plenty feature a soft lining, both to protect the jewelry and to prevent it from scratching the inside of the box. Velvet and velveteen are the most popular fabrics for lining and offer some cushioning, though cotton and satin also work. Felt is a great choice, too, because it absorbs moisture, keeping silver jewelry from tarnishing quickly.  

What to look for in a quality jewelry box


The best jewelry boxes have built-in mirrors so you can try on pieces of jewelry and see how they look before deciding what to wear. Some of these mirrors are miniature but most are roughly the same size as the box’s lid. Armoires tend to have the largest mirrors, which is convenient if you want to see how your jewelry looks with a full outfit.

Removable trays

A removable tray can be a major bonus when you’re combing through jewelry looking for that one ring or bracelet you can’t find. Removable trays are easier to look through than tiered jewelry boxes, and they offer plenty of additional storage space. 


Some jewelry boxes feature a lockable main compartment to be opened with a small metal key. A locking mechanism is useful if you don’t like it when a roommate borrows your jewelry or you’re worried your kids will play with your best jewelry when you’re not looking. Just remember that you have to keep track of the key, which can be stored elsewhere in the room for convenience.

How much you can expect to spend on a jewelry box

A wooden jewelry box costs $25-$500 depending on the size. A glass, acrylic or travel-size jewelry box costs $15-$40.

Jewelry box FAQ

How do you clean a jewelry box’s fabric lining?

A. You can go over the lining with a lint roller for light care. If you want to be more thorough, take a toothbrush or fingernail brush and dip it in soapy water before lightly going over the fabric. Dab it with a clean cloth to dry.

What is PU leather?

A. Some jewelry boxes are wrapped in PU leather, an artificial material made from genuine leather components covered with polyurethane. It’s durable and less expensive than genuine leather, though it doesn’t necessarily look the same.

What’s the best jewelry box to buy?

Top jewelry box

Vlando Jewelry Box Organizer

Vlando Jewelry Box Organizer

What you need to know: This lined synthetic leather jewelry box is rectangular with a buckle closure and a carry handle.

What you’ll love: It’s compact but has space for everything. It includes a built-in mirror and pull-out compartments designed to prevent jewelry tangling. It’s well-built, attractive and comes in five colors. 

What you should consider: It does not have a lock and key.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top jewelry box for the money

Mebbay Acrylic Jewelry Box

Mebbay Acrylic Jewelry Box

What you need to know: This lined box is see-through and rectangular, with four drawers.

What you’ll love: It’s modern and durable with divided compartments for easy sorting. It’s affordable for the size and comes in five base colors, including an attractive teal.

What you should consider: Since the drawers are clear, any mess or disorder will show. There’s no mirror.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Glenor Co. Buckle Snap Jewelry Box

Glenor Co. Buckle Snap Jewelry Box

What you need to know: This lined faux leather box is rectangular with two layers and a snap magnetic closure.

What you’ll love: It’s well-constructed, has a fashionable buckle closure and features a large built-in mirror. There are plenty of compartments for your jewelry, including a lift-out tray. It comes in three colors.

What you should consider: There can be a slight interior odor that goes away after airing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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