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Which baby jumper is best?

Want to keep your baby active and entertained while you take a load off and give yourself a much-needed break? When your baby reaches that stage where they love to crawl but aren’t quite strong enough to walk yet, a jumper might be just what you’re looking for. 

A jumper is a stationary unit that secures your baby’s waist to a seat with elastic bands while allowing their legs to dangle, so they can safely jump up and down without you worrying about them falling over or getting hurt. 

Jumpers come in various styles, and some models have a lot of toys and objects to keep your child engaged. You have a lot of choices, but our top pick is the Fisher-Price Jumperoo Rainforest.

What to know before you buy a baby jumper

Types of baby jumpers 

  • Stationary jumper: This is the simplest type of jumper that you can buy. It’s fixed in place by a frame and doesn’t have any added features or toys. 
  • Doorway jumper: These are like stationary jumpers, but they attach with a bungee to a door frame. They require that you put them up and take them down after every use, but are often less expensive. 
  • Activity jumper: These are the jumpers with added bells and whistles, so they are more of a built-in entertainment center for your baby. 

Baby jumper safety

There are some safety concerns with jumpers, so you never want to leave your child unattended. You want to make sure the jumper is secure, and that there aren’t any objects under your baby that could cause injury. Keep it away from stairs, don’t move the jumper with your baby in it and always follow the weight limits and safety instructions. 

Walkers vs. jumpers

A baby walker allows a child to move around space when seated, while a jumper is a fixed activity area. If your little one loves to stand but isn’t quite walking on their own, take a look at baby walkers.

What to look for in a baby jumper


You have some options when it comes to the seat, as they can differ between models. It’s optimal to find one with a removable seat because this allows for easy cleaning. Many models have a seat that rotates 360 degrees, which allows your child to move around. Padding in the seat is also crucial, but you want to make sure that it’s soft and provides enough support, especially if your infant is young. 

Weight limit 

You definitely want to refer to the weight limit in the manufacturer’s guide before you allow a child to use the jumper because there could be safety risks if the child is either too small or large. Most jumpers support a weight between 20 to 30 pounds. However, there are a few jumpers on the market specifically for larger children from 40 to 60 pounds.


Most jumpers allow you to adjust the height, which is convenient as your child begins to grow. The more adjustment increments are available on the jumper, the more likely your child will be comfortable and want to use the jumper as they grow. 


Stationary jumpers have a saucer or tray that wraps around the seat and gives your baby the chance to grab and play with various toys. Look for jumpers that come with toys that stimulate the senses, such as bright colors, lights, crinkle toys, or toys that play music. 

Baby Jumper FAQ 

How long can my baby remain in the jumper? 

A. Experts say that babies should be in the jumper for a max of 20 minutes a day to make sure it doesn’t hinder the baby’s ability to walk. Of course, that isn’t set in stone. There are plenty of babies who have used the jumper for more than 20 minutes a day and have no side effects.

At what age can my baby use the jumper?

A. Instead of going by your baby’s age or weight to determine when they can use the jumper, you instead want to make sure they can hold their head up and put a small amount of weight on their legs. If your child is already walking, they probably won’t be interested in the jumper. 

What’s the best baby jumper to buy?

Top baby jumper

Fisher-Price Jumperoo Rainforest

Fisher-Price Jumperoo Rainforest

What you need to know: A fan favorite for babies and parents alike, this jumper was made with durable construction and includes sensory stimulating toys.

What you’ll love: It has a study base with soft padded springs that allow for all the bounce and none of the skin pinches. The rotating seat and adjustable height setting allow for your little one to have a wide range of mobility and comfort as they grow and develop additional skills.

What you should consider: The smallest height setting is not as low as some of the other jumpers. If you have a small baby, they may need time to grow into this model.

Where to buy: Amazon and Buy Buy Baby

Top baby jumper for the money

Evenflo ExerSaucer Doorway Jumper

Evenflo ExerSaucer Doorway Jumper

What you need to know: A budget friendly option has many of the same features as more expensive models.

What you’ll love: The playful starry patterned jumper features an easy-to-use clamp, giving your little one the ability to jump in any room.

What you should consider: Customers have noted that this product is not easy to clean since the fabric is difficult to remove. 

Where to buy: Amazon and Buy Buy Baby 

Worth checking out 

Skip Hop Explore & More Jumpscape Fold-Away Jumper

Skip Hop Explore & More Jumpscape Fold-Away Jumper

What you need to know: A foldable and easily packable jumper that’s good for any size space.

What you’ll love: Boasting five height settings and rotating seat, this jumper is a very customizable option for your little one. It comes with lights, music for loads of entertainment, and as a bonus, it claps for them when they reach 100 full jumps.

What you should consider: Customers have noted that this jumper can be difficult to fold.

Where to buy: Amazon and Buy Buy Baby

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