Z Pass Helps Locate Bay Co. Elementary Student Who Got on the Wrong Bus

District Rolling Out Z Pass Program

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - If you're a parent of an elementary school student in Bay County you may have noticed your child has come home with a new student ID card. That card is also a Z Pass, a safety technology that tracks the child's whereabouts throughout the day.

Students will scan their card getting on and off the bus, in the cafeteria and media center. The district said it's a quick way to resolve situations like one on Thursday when a child got on the wrong bus.

"We were able to pull up Z Pass and within 30 seconds we knew where the child was and within five minutes the child was home," said Bay District Schools Transportation Director Michael Carter.

Parents can also download the Z Pass Plus mobile app to see the same information.

"Anytime the card is scanned you will get a notification either by text or email, whatever you decide to set up at the time with the app," said Bay District Vehicle Electronics Technician Keven Wright.

"We've been practicing and it's getting faster and faster," said Cedar grove Elementary School Principal Sheila Wojnowski.

The roll out of Z Pass cards is nearly finished with about 85 percent of students with a card.

"We've seen five minutes shaved off our cafeteria time as students go through the line so we're excited about that," said Wojnowski.

The district said it's an efficient way to ensure young children's safety.

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