Dating all the way back to the 1940’s, a little piece of history has been revealed in St. Andrews State Park. The WWII structure gained attention from residents and visitors. One of those visitors being Kitch Millard. 

It’s my firsr time seeing it in 7 years,” said Miller. That’s because this world war two gun mount was covered by sand dunes before Hurricane Michael. When smaller storms hit the area, portions of the structure were uncovered, but never fully, until now. 

“They were placed here in 1942 and the set up was finished in 43 and they were only active for about 9 months,” said David Morris, Park Specialist. Morris shares stories from many years ago to those who pass by wondering in between snapping photos.

“Whenever they formed the shipping channel in the 30’s the area really became important for the local economy,” said Morris. The weapons were placed in the area to help protect merchant ships from german U-boats. Beach goers arriving to the beach and getting a glimpse into the areas past.