Woman’s Relocation Delayed by Her Cat


        Marianna Police say a cat caused its owner to run her pick-up truck into a utility pole.

        It happened about 3:11 am Saturday morning.

        Officers say Rebecca Smith was passing through Marianna while moving from Hazard, Kentucky to Central Florida.

        Smith had several small animals inside the truck, including a cat.

        She says the cat escaped from the carrier, jumped on her, and caused her to lose control of the truck.

        The truck traveled across the west bound lanes of Lafayette Street, onto the side walk and into a utility police.

        The pole and an electric transformer fell close to the vehicle.

        Marianna Police used a patrol car to pull Smith’s truck safely away from the danger.

        Jackson County Fire Rescue treated Smith on the scene.

        Due to her vehicle being disabled, Officers assisted her with locating a hotel.

        They had to shut down the west bound lanes of Lafayette Street for seven hours until Florida Public Utility crews replaced the damaged pole.

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