PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Some Panama City-area residents returned to destroyed apartments Sunday to start cleaning up after Hurricane Michael, while others were told they would have to go.

At the Bayou Pointe Villas off Watson Bayou in Millville, some have lost everything. One of them is a man named Greg, who spent Sunday cleaning up his apartment. The building lost its roofing, which allowed a lot of water in. Water damage, in turn, caused the ceiling to collapse. Greg found his apartment covered in debris.

“You just got to be fortunate for what do you have,” Greg said. “And now, I’m just going to put my head down, start working and I just know things will get better from here.”

His first priority is to get his roof tarped before the chance of rain in the next few days. He wants to dry out the apartment to try to prevent mold. Nervous about climbing up onto the damaged roof, he hoped someone from the homeowner’s association can help.

Outside, many of the boats on the bayou weathered the storm, but some are gone. Greg said some of the boats are the homes for their owners.

Meanwhile, residents of the Pinnacle at Hammock Place apartments in Lynn Haven said owners told them they must evacuate. Some don’t know where they’re going to go.

Sarah, one of the residents, said she was told to leave Sunday even though her apartment didn’t sustain any damage.

“They still want me to leave my stuff here. They said to take what you have and whatever you leave here, they’ll throw in the trash,” she said.

She wondered why people weren’t being relocated to the nearby Pinnacle at Hammock Square complex, which is less than a mile away and owned by the same company. She said that complex is empty.

She didn’t know where she and her family would go, but said they expected to leave town. She said she would way for Federal Emergency Management Agency officials to check out her apartment before she goes.

Parts of the complex did sustain damage: roof damage, blown out windows and crumbled brick.