Friday, the ‘White House Boys’ toured the Dozier School for Boys Campus and held a memorial service, for closure.

The tour was private and members of the group would not talk with the media.  

However, some Marianna residents did talk.    

“I just hope they get their closure and they’ll get off of it for a while. And I just want to see it over with,”said Jack Hollis, Marianna resident.

Hollis said the city of Marianna has suffered from the negative publicity, after the group of men shared their stories of alleged events that happened more than 50 years ago.

“I think when that happened and it got all that publicity, it really hurt our city and this is a wonderful town,” said Hollis.

Hollis also said, when Dozier was still in business, people knew Marianna was the home of the school for troubled and dangerous juveniles, and they were fine with that.

“Now… It’s different than that. Now… It’s like shame, you know, it’s a big shame thing on it. And I just want everybody to know that that’s not Marianna,” Hollis said. 

Hollis hopes that with closure for the ‘White House Boys’ comes closure for the negative light the story has shined on Marianna.

“I just want it to, I just want it to be over with now, we’re really sick and tired of it in marianna,” said Hollis.

The Dozier School for Boys property is currently being managed by the state of Florida.

But, there is an effort to give the land to Jackson County, to utilize how they wish.