Westville Man Arrested after Attacking Victim with Axe Handle

Caryville, Fla. - A Holmes County man tonight faces drug charges and more following an incident that happened last week.

A victim in the incident complained to the Washington County Sheriff's Office about being beaten and threatened with a gun in Caryville. Once deputies were on scene, they located a man hiding deep within a wooded area with what appeared to be multiple injuries to both legs and a large laceration on his forearm. He was subsequently transported to a local hospital for treatment of the injuries sustained.

During the investigation, the victim advised law enforcement he was originally accompanied by a male, dressed as a woman, who drove him to the location to engage in a sexual encounter. As they arrived at a dead-end road, the subject began injecting himself with meth. The victim then reported once he denied use of the drug, the male subject began to beat him with a large wooden stick before being able to escape by running into the woods.

The man was identified as 33-year old Richard Blake Boles of Westville, in Holmes County.

Shortly after that, Boles called the sheriffs office about the incident. He later met law officers. They searched his vehicle and found a plastic bag of meth and an axe handle with blood spots.  Boles was arrested and charged for the drugs and the altercation.

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