DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla. (WMBB) – Art students at Walton High School are applying their talents in the real world.

They submitted drawings to become murals on one of the buildings at Wee Care Park.

County officials and business leaders voted on the artwork and selected two winners who were awarded $500 scholarships.

“It’s all skills that they’ve learned throughout the year and it’s a great opportunity for them to show them what they learn and let them be themselves and be creative as well,” Walton High School art teacher Annamieke Dotson said.

But the artwork is not just for aesthetics.

County officials have reported tagging and graffiti on some of the buildings at Wee Care Park.

Sheriff’s deputies said they’ve seen a drop in crime after having South Walton High School art students paint a mural like this in the Driftwood Estates area.

“In the long run hopefully we will not have any more people,” Walton County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Wendel said. “We’ve got cameras on the building so the cameras I’ll capture anybody doing something criminal. Hopefully, we won’t have any more tagging or graffiti on any of our buildings anymore.”

Dotson hopes to continue this project on five other buildings in Wee Care Park.

“Art should be all over the place,” Dotson said. “We like to bring colors to the world. Concrete can be pretty in certain ways but bringing color and life to the park is very important. Not only that, but you have little kids over at the park. Them first coming in and seeing the purple mural I think is impactful for them. It brings a happy mood.”