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Waste Management proposes new idea for leachate disposal


In 2017, Jackson County residents were concerned with the idea of having a deep injection well at the Springhill Landfill to dispose of a hazardous liquid.

Because of all the health concerns, members of the community as well as county officials put a stop to the project. 

Now that the deep injection well is no longer an option, Waste Management has proposed and applied for an alternative for disposing of leachate at the Springhill Landfill.

“They will take the leachate, put it in this huge container and heat it up, then off of that you would get the vapor that would come out and then the residuals would stay and be contained,” said Ronstance Pittman, Jackson County N.A.A.C.P. President.”

Those residuals would then be deposited back into the landfill.

Tuesday, a town hall style meeting was held for residents of Jackson County to ask Waste Management about the evaporation system. 

“A lot of them were concerned about what’s going up in the air,” said Pittman. “Waste Management did say that there are certain air emissions tests that they have to go through and abide by, guidelines and stuff like that.”

These tests and guidelines are to make sure the vapor is safe.

Pittman said Waste Management did a good job at explaining the alternative solution and residents seem to be more at ease.

“The feedback that I got from the meeting was that this was a much better process and procedure than the deep injection well,” Pittman said.

Officials said South Carolina uses this method of disposal and so far it has proven to be successful. 

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