Rep. Neal Dunn responds to President Biden’s primetime address


BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Representative Neal Dunn had a lot to say about Wednesday night’s Presidential address.

Florida’s District 2 Congressman stopped by our News 13 Studios to share his thoughts concerning President Biden’s stimulus plan and his concerns surrounding the increasing problems at the southern border.

“Nobody can hate the idea of more pre-school, but free pre-school for everyone, free community college for everyone, free college tuition for historically black and minority favored colleges…it’s
a huge giveaway and it has nothing to do with infrastructure. This is not building up America or getting us back to work the things we really need to do. If they are serious about opening the schools let’s open them because that’s what America needs right now and a trillion dollars worth of pre-school doesn’t fix that problem,” said Rep. Dunn.

Concerning the southern border, the representative said, “It’s worse than it’s ever been in history. We are looking now at 200,000 illegal immigrants a month coming across the border. Nobody has ever seen anything like it. This is the biggest human trafficking operation in the history of the world. Every one of those people pay the cartel to get to our border and the cartel abuses them along the way and often makes them carry drugs across the border for them.”

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