Walton residents speak on beach vending concerns at beach ordinance workshop


WALTON COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — Every year near the end of tourism season, Walton holds a Beach Ordinance Workshop open to the public, but this year the county is combining both street code and beach code into one, code compliance.

Many residents came prepared with topics of discussion to Walton’s first day of their beach ordinance workshop. 

“Maintaining the zoning of the land development code,” is one of resident Michael Shear’s concerns.

Currently, there are two classifications for residential properties. Those who are beachfront, and those living off right off of the beach. As it stands, beach vendors are allowed to set chairs up on residential properties and regional beach accesses, which causes congestion. 

“I think you should be allowed to do, owners should be allowed to do on their private property the same thing anybody else in the county,” said South Walton resident Bob Brooke.

Whereas Shear thinks there should be specific zoning regulations for beach vendors in all residential beach areas.

“Concerned with the amount of density of beach setups on private property that is zoned residential,” said Shear.

Currently, private beach property owners have to give permission for vendors to utilize their parcel of land.

“Once they do that, we have no limit on the private property, site-specific property permits, how many they can have,” said Tony Cornman Walton’s Code Director.

Cornman said this two-day beach ordinance workshop is paramount when it comes to making alterations.

“Very important we need to hear from you,” said Cornman.

The Walton Code Enforcement Board will compile all discussion topics and present it to the board of county commissioners within the next month, and they will have the final say on what changes will be made to the current beach ordinances. 

Cornman said If residents do want to tell the county about a code compliance issue they can fill out this form on their website.

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