Walton County Sheriffs crack down on aggressive driving


WALTON COUNTY, Fla. — Complaints of speeding and aggressive driving have a local sheriff’s office busy.

The Walton County Sheriff’s office recently launched an operation, and they say it’s making a difference.

Since June 7th, deputies in Walton County have been on the lookout for aggressive drivers and for cars speeding. In the last 21 days, more than 200 stops have been made.”

“I understand that everybody wants to be at the beach, I got it. The beach has been there for a long time and it will still be there when they get there,” Walton County Sheriff’s Deputy Caleb Davidson said.

Being in the height of tourist season, the influx of cars on the road is at an all-time high. U.S. 331 and Highway 98 is the areas deputies are zoning in on.

“We are routinely stopping them for 20 and 25 faster than the posted speed limit. I mean they are running 80 in a 55 on Highway 98. They are running 70 in this 45 mile an hour construction zone. That’s too fast. I mean that’s way too fast,” said Davidson.

It’s not just the tourist who are the ones speeding. It’s the locals, too. 

Deputies say education is the goal. “We’re not trying to write a bunch of tickets. We’re just trying to make everybody, whether they are local or not understand. 

There is a price to pay for speeding- anywhere from $125-500

When the blue lights come one, Davidson said about half the time, the driver says they have no clue what they did wrong.

“That’s the scary ones. The ones that don’t know what the speed limit is. They don’t know how fast they’re going. All they know is get to the beach,” Davidson said.

Distracted driving is the cause for thousands of deaths every year but starting July 1, deputies will be able to make a primary stop for texting and driving. 

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