Walton County Peach Creek residents are concerned for their safety


WALTON COUNTY Fla. (WMBB)– After several car crashes near a South Walton community, several residents are asking their county leaders for help.

Peach Creek residents spoke to the Walton County Commission about their concerns at their meeting Tuesday.

Residents along Old Ferry Road said big cement trucks are coming through the Peach Creek community making the area unsafe.

From traveling at speeds of 65 miles per hour on Highway 98, those turning into Peach Creek, such as these cement trucks, have to immediately slow down to 25 miles per hour with no added lane to do so.

And residents said they have seen multiple tragic collisions.

“Our neighbor, a nurse with young children was severely injured at this exit while trying to help other accident victims,” said resident Monica Douglas.

Also, Old Ferry Road is starting to deteriorate from cement trucks, residents said.

They added that there is terrible lighting, and when vehicles leave or enter, there should be a deceleration lane for added safety.

“It is hard to put in another road, but at least maybe an emergency vehicle access,” said resident Andy Isolano.

Walton County Commissioners said they will study the issue.

“We are going to do an additional traffic study in there to see what kind of traffic we’ve got coming the times of the day,” said County Commissioner for District one Bill Chapman.

Chapman said after the study they will better know what they can do for the area.

Because Old Ferry Road is state-owned the commissioners said they are limited on what they can do to be able to help residents in the area; however, they passed a motion to go forward with looking at a deceleration lane within this area.

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