SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — It’s “No Shave November”, and the beards are growing in full this year on the faces of several Walton County deputies.

“It’s the best time of year, aside from Christmas,” deputy sheriff David Talley said. “The only thing that makes Christmas better is because Santa Claus has a big beard.”

The sheriff’s office participates in No Shave November every year, at the price of thirty dollars per participant.

It’s the one time of year all deputies are allowed to grow full facial hair – but for a cause.

All proceeds fund Cancer Freeze, a nonprofit organization benefitting local cancer patients for about 13 years. The organization was founded by Walton County deputy Caleb Davidson.

“We do a lot for Cancer Freeze. Every chance we get, we do some kind of fundraiser for something for them,” Talley said. “He [Davidson] does really good work. He does a lot of great work for Cancer Freeze, and Cancer Freeze does a lot of great work for local cancer patients.”

Community members outside the agency are taking part as well.

“So I got out of the Marine Corps, and I have not shaved since, but every November I let it grow pretty long, and I don’t trim it or anything, and I do participate in No Shave November,” Seaside Neighborhood School music teacher Balder Saunders said. “The sheriff’s office does it as a fundraiser for cancer research, but it’s more of an awareness thing. It’s a great thing.”

Deputy Talley says he looks forward to the event every year. He only wishes it lasted longer than a month.

“I wish it was No Shave Never,” he said. “We would love it if it was a No Shave Never. I think we’d pay a little bit more just to keep it.”

Talley has been assigned to Seaside Neighborhood School for the last several years. And every November, those who can’t quite participate yet are his toughest critics.

“I mean, if it’s like longer, that’d be pretty cool,” seventh-grader Mason Trawick said.

To learn more about Cancer Freeze, click here.