Vehicle hit by piece of asphalt that was struck by lightning: what are the odds?


WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — A Kentucky couple is recovering after a scary weather incident in Walton County sent them to the hospital on Monday morning.

Lightning struck asphalt near mile marker 81 on Interstate 10, and a chunk of the road flew through Wayne and Cheryl Wilkersons’ windshield while they were on their way to their beach vacation.

“You instantly think, ‘Is this a terrorist attack? Or has somebody set off a bomb or what?'” Cheryl Wilkerson said.

Courtesy of Walton County Fire Rescue

They were both sent to the hospital with multiple injuries.

Cheryl Wilkerson said glass and asphalt ripped off part of her scalp, and surgeons had to remove pieces of the debris from her skull.

She says her husband was badly scraped up.

Lightning strike causes crash on I-10; two injured

News 13’s Chief Meteorologist Ross Whitley said the chances of this type of weather event happening are incredibly low.

“You’re talking about an unbelievably unlikely scenario; something that in my lifetime, in your lifetime and in everyone’s lifetime out there, that will never happen again,” Chief Whitley said. “We’ll never hear another story where lightning ejects a piece of concrete through a car in our lifetimes.”

Chief Whitley also said you’re more likely to win the lottery or be attacked by a deer than enduring the Wilkersons’ incident.

Cheryl Wilkerson said she and Wayne are just blessed to have each other after going through this terrifying situation.

Accident on Highway 231 sends multiple people to the hospital

“I give my husband all of the credit,” Cheryl Wilkerson said. “He kept a cool head and got us off the roadway, and no other cars were involved… He didn’t flip us over or run into anybody else or anything like that.”

She said they were able to drive back home safely to Kentucky, and they are both expected to make a full recovery.

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