The U.S. Army has a program that allows soldiers and veterans the opportunity for a job interview, after they fulfill their commitment in the Army. 

The partnership has been around for years.

Wednesday, they shook hands on another partnership at the Florida State Hospital.

The Partnership Youth Success program, also known as PaYS, is a way to help soldiers and veterans, get a shot at a possible job opportunity in their community.

“Before hand it lets soldiers pretty much come up with a plan,” said Cpt. Jamie Jackson, Gainesville Medical Recruiting Station Officer in Charge. “So what I’m going to do is I’m going to come in, I’ll serve my country and when I get out at least I have a shot at coming back to my community and serving my community.”

Captain Jackson said most servicemen and women, active or retired, don’t know what to do after they’ve fulfilled their commitment in the Army, but this program helps.

“They’re used to working, they have discipline, they have a skill,” Cpt. Jackson said.

On Wednesday, officials with the Army and the Florida State Hospital had a ceremony to celebrate their new partnership.

Chief Hospital Administrator, Bob Quam, said he’s looking forward to the program, helping both the hospital and those who served our country. 

“I think it’s going to be a very, very, very good, win-win type situation for the hospital and for the army and the people that have been in the army,” Quam said.

Quam said, this will help recruit the best employees for the hospital, because of the experience and training these men and women receive in the Army.

“The qualifications of the individuals of both enlisted and officers,” Quam said. “The training they get in the army is very valuable for what we need and the discipline, that kind of thing.”

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