Panama City, FLA (WMBB) – It appears Tyndall Air Force Base may be losing 17 million dollars originally allocated to Tyndall for use constructing the President’s signature campaign promise.

The money was part of the Defense Department’s allocations for military construction. Congress had approved that budget before Hurricane Michael devastated the base back in October. The money was originally meant to be used to build a fire-rescue station.

President Trump wants to take as much as $3.6 billion from military construction projects and use it to build the border wall. The move comes after Trump visited Tyndall in May and promised to rebuild the base better than it was before Hurricane Michael hit.

Tyndall Air Force base aerial footage taken October 12th, 2018

The Pentagon put a hold on the project just a few days after the eye of the Hurricane passed right over the top of Tyndall.

News 13 has reached out to Congressman Neal Dunn and his office has released the following statement: “It is unfortunate that the Democrats’ refusal to address the crisis at our border forced the President to use money already set aside for other military construction projects to continue construction of the border wall. While the Fire/Crash Station will one day be an important piece of Tyndall’s infrastructure, this short-term funding shift will have no impact on the future of the base.  I am grateful for the President’s ongoing commitment to the people of North Florida and look forward to continuing to work with his team to ensure the rebuild stays on track.”