Tyndall and Bay County work together as area rebuilds


BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay County’s commissioners are working with officials at Tyndall Air Force Base to ensure local residents are being protected while also helping the base achieve its mission goals. 

“The purpose of it is to make sure that we protect the missions of the base,” said Bay County Commissioner Robert Carroll. 

The Joint Use Plan Study Project is a collaborative effort between the county and Tyndall to see how they can work best together for land uses and growth near the base. 

“They have new jets coming in, so they are currently doing new studies for noise, just to make sure that they don’t put too much noise in the community,” Carroll said. “Also, anytime we are going to redevelop the city’s of Parker, Callaway, Springfield, anyone that is mostly affected,  that we are all on the same page.” 

The study is currently in the land use analysis phase. It is making sure that urban development plans close to the base do not compromise military training efforts and taking in consideration the noise zones that will be heard by surrounding residents. 

“They look at compatibility to make sure that buildings don’t get too high to encroach within their flight path,” Carroll said. “It’s making sure there are things in the code for roofs, when you put a metal roof that it is not too shiny to impede their flight line.”  

Carroll says that is important that everyone in the community works together. 

“At the end of the day, we need Tyndall Air Force Base to stay here because we are in this together,” Carroll said. 

The study will be completed in 2020 and recommendations will be presented in August. 

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