IROC technology coming to Tyndall AFB will be the first of its kind on a military base

Tyndall AFB

TYNDALL AFB, Fla. (WMBB) —  On Tyndall Air Force Base, teams are making strides on a new cutting edge technology.

The Installation Resilience Operations Center, or IROC, will help data flow faster across the base.

Eric Kanagy, the CEO for Simple Sense, the company helping develop the technology, said Tyndall Air Force Base will serve as a model to the rest of the military as the first center to use iroc. 

“The idea is that the right people in a major incident have the data they need immediately even if it is in a different system with a different agency everyone should have access to the same data right away,” Kanagy said. 

Air Force contractors virtually mapping Tyndall AFB for “Digital Twin”

Integration Branch Chief for Tyndall, Lowell Usrey, said the goal is to become more efficient, prepared and modern – in a way that keeps classified data secure. 

“IROC that we are developing here is so foundational in the way that it allows for data to flow back and forth across the base,” Usrey said.

They do this using sensor technology. When finished the system will be able to detect storm surge flooding, room occupancy, and most unique gunshots in an active shooter situation. 

“What that means is that we will have sensors installed throughout the rebuild in each of the facilities that will detect gunshots,” Usrey said. “First responders will get an immediate notification in the event of an active shooter. That will then enable a much quicker and streamline response to that event.”

They will be able to see the exact room the gunshots are coming from. Another special part about IROC is its ability to connect with Bay county’s law enforcement streams. 

“So we will be able to connect our data feeds and our first responders instantaneously to first responders off base in a way that has not been done before,” Usrey said. 

Tyndall is hoping to have this IROC up and running in a year.

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