TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (WMBB) — It’s been over 60 years since the Department of Defense built a military base from the ground up.

Technological innovations allow Tyndall Air Force Base leaders to get creative with their rebuild.

They’re always striving to be safer and more efficient.

“These groundbreaking things that we’re doing here at Tyndall will likely pave the way for other Departments of Defense installations,” Integration Branch Chief Lowell Usry said.

Only at Tyndall, the Installation Resilience Operation Command and control system (IROC) pulls data from several systems across the base to provide clear and quick mass communication.

Usrey said the IROC system could even make its way to Bay County residents.

“In the event of a storm, in the event of an active shooter, in the event of some other emergency both on base and off base will have a seamless sight picture and narrative of what’s happening across the region,” Usrey said.

‘Zero Eyes’ also helps in regards to an active shooter situation, as it can detect weapons to alert officials immediately with minimized false alarms.

For example, if someone has a gun in their holster, it won’t detect it until they make a grasping motion.

The ‘Digital Twin’ is another innovation that will likely be in the future of American construction.

“You can basically use the digital twin with augmented reality to look through the wall and see where duct worker pipes are going to be so you know exactly what to assess and where to cut if you need to address it,” Innovation Element Chief Lt. Nicholas Cap said.

And while Tyndall leaders continue their mission through the rebuild, they’ve also integrated a couple of robots to help do the dirty work, including robot lawn mowers, which can be programmed to cut grass to any length and work at any time of day.