Tyndall Air Force service men and women added a touch of Christmas to the base Thursday night. They held their annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony and invited dozens of military families for the holiday tradition.

Airmen and women say it’s a very special time of year, including their children.

As the countdown to Christmas begins for Caleb Curry; one of the things he looks forward to the most is -“Probably the presents,” said Curry.

However this year, Curry will have a special present that can’t fit under the tree.

He says both his parents serve in the military, and he doesn’t get to see his father often. “He leaves a lot, so whenever he leaves, I have to stay here and I don’t get to see him a lot. But I’ll get to see him this Christmas,” said Curry.

His mother MSgt. Isabel Lopez, 325th Force Support Squadron, is thankful to share Christmas with her son.

“I do feel really blessed to be home with my child, with my family safe and sound. More than anything I appreciate those that are making those sacrifices this holiday season for us,” said Lopez.

Col. Michael Hernandez, 325th Fighter Wing Commander  says moments like these makes military families feel loved. “We want them to feel special, we want their families to feel special. We want them to feel like they’re taken care of even if the military families is not able to be here.”

Parker Mayor Richard Musgrave was invited for the first time.

He says he’s also thankful to share these moments with those who serve. “It’s an opportunity to come together and establish that brotherhood, that are fighters already have engaged in as well is just a great thrill for me.”

This is Tyndall’s 74th year celebrating the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.