Parker Police arrested Glenn Swearingen and Kenneth Peck Friday, who were allegedly living together, after conducting a search warrant at the home on 5114 Blue Harbor Drive. 

Both are charged with trafficking and methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of listed chemicals with intent to manufacture methamphetamine (child present) as well as additional drug related charges. Police say a one-year-old child was present in the home when police arrived. Parker police say the child’s parents were staying with Swearingen and Peck for a short-time and had plans to move out. Police allegedly found needles in a car seat in Swearingen’s vehicle. 

According to Parker police, the search warrant was conducted after they obtained information that a man had overdosed in the home. Police say Swearingen and Peck had allegedly left the man laying unconscious for more than 8 hours. That man remains in a coma in the hospital. 

This is an ongoing investigation and police say more charges are expected. We will update this story as information becomes available.