It’s time for another edition of try this Chris.

This week, Chris with quite the physical challenge as he tried taking part in the workout with Team Evolve coach James Thompson a-k-a JT and the rest of Team Evolve, a local Spartan race team.

From what JT said Chris is going to be really tired on this Saturday.

JT said, “everybody in favor of Chris being right there. You gonna need that I just want you right there so I don’t have to keep moving my head. I trust them.”

Chris said, “I am already regretting this.”

JT began by saying. “here we go little warm up.”

This little warm up begins with an arm workout and right into squats.

Then time for some push ups.

And right into planks.

Then 30 burpies before taking a little jog.

After a nice jog around the pond, that wrapped up the warm up.

After the warm up Chris said, “I don’t know who’s idea this was but it is not one of the better ideas for try this Chris… kill this chris is what it’s called.”

Now to the actual workout that consist of running with a 20 pound sand bag and a cornucopia of other exercises.

More push ups before wrapping up with the monkey bars.

Keep that momentum going all the way all the way watch coming down.