Try This Chris Spray Tan With SASS Sunless Tanning

Try This Chris Spray Tan With SASS Sunless Tanning

MARIANNA, FL - It's time for another installment of Try This Chris.


This week, Chris heading to Marianna to try his skill at spray tanning with sass sunless tanning.


We are at SASS not sassy. Can we get sassy sunless airbrush skin solutions. I keep referring it to as I am gonna spray paint somebody. No no, it is an art.


So I need to be an artiste.


Keep your arms straight out.


Close your eyes close your mouth. Turn your head, perfect and now the other side.

She is ready to go.

Now we are going to apply color. Are you ready. What was that just then.


That was the pre-srpray. A ph balance like a primer. I can understand that.


Once we have the proper glow evenly across the body we do some drying and Camreyn has a fresh new tan.


Did I get enough on the neck. Look at what you did.


I got it. I found my niche. I can tan people.


If you are interested in getting a spray tan. You can contact SASS at 352-538-7981

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