Try This Chris Pipe Loader

Try This Chris Pipe Loader

PANAMA CITY, FL - It's time for another installment of try this Chris.


This week, Chris heading out to berg pipe at the Port of Panama City and tried helping to stack 10,000 pound pipes.


So in case you don’t know what Berg Pipe does, well they make huge pipes that are used for oil gas or natural gas just to name a few things.


The pipes are made in a huge warehouse from 10,000 pound sheets of metal, then sealed, tested and stacked outside ready for shipment. That’s where Chris comes in.


I’m going to have you working on a skid what we are going to do is pick up some pipe and stack them to the center and now we want to load it back so the loaders can bring them to it so this pad here is designed to load 19,647 pounds all with this little vacuum line here. Dyson ain’t got anything on this vacuum right here. Eat your heart out Mr. Dyson. Alright lets lift some pipe.

Now is that in center of the pipe. That’s pretty close right there.

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