In this weeks Open For Biz sponsored by GED Lawyers. Chris Marchand focus’ on Tropical Smoothie, Antique Cottage, and Mental Health America Bay County.

We begin with Tropical Smoothie. Located on 23rd street next to Publix, Tropical Smoothie is finally back up and running. Tropical Smoothie once again serving up wraps, quesadillas and all your favorite smoothies. Like so many businesses, owner Jackie Stephens had to wait on insurance and contractors before finally getting the work done to re-open. Jackie is also in need of some employees. If your interested call Jackie at 913-9336.

Another local business that a lot of locals are happy to see back open, is the Antique Cottage. Located at 903 Harrison Avenue. The Antique Cottage had some of its main building damaged during the storm and a smaller secondary building was completely destroyed. However, The Antique cottage is back opened and stocked with some of the most unique home decor items you will find anywhere in Panama City. From antique dolls to antique ice chests, tables, sofas and so much more. The Antique Cottage is closed Sunday and Monday but open at 10:30 Tuesday thru Saturday.

Finally, a local non-profit that could be a huge asset to a lot of folks in our area that is back up and running is Mental Health America Bay County.

MHA‘s office used to be in the 1100 block of Harrison Avenue, but Hurricane Michael destroyed everything in MHA‘s office so now they are mobile. MHA Executive Director James Taliaferro said they are still providing many services even though they don’t currently have a physical office.

James said, One of the things we do in the county is as we provide assistance with medication who invites this is with treatment we provide services for anybody who has a mental illness who needs treatment need to know where to go and get treatment needs information regarding treatment so that have to do with mental health we are the person that did you need to see.

To get more information on Mental Health America call 774-0951.

If you are in one of the counties affected by Michael and you are getting a business back up and running or have plans to open in the future. Please let us know.

Email or go to and click on open for biz under the market place tab and submit your business information.