The city said roots from about 30 trees have cracked the asphalt in some areas of the Bay Memorial walking track. On Monday, 30 trees will be removed from the area. 

“It’s a safety issue, so that’s the main concern,” said Keith Baker, Leisure Services Director. From cracks to uneven edges, the city says these walkways are an problem and the issue stems from what’s underneath the pavement.

“As the roots grow out they create a problem with asphalt or concrete,” said Baker. 

And in this case, what’s causing these cracks. 

“Anytime we go to take down trees we look at those that are a must and must come down,” said Baker. 

After a study, 30 trees, mostly pines, were listed to be removed. This due to age, disease, or the root growth causing damage to the track.

“If the roots are hazardous I think it’s something that is okay it needs to be done,” said Mary Stanley, resident. 

Stanley said her family frequently goes for walks around local parks. For them, a safe walkway is of importance.

“The more walkways we have here the better,” said Jack Stanley, Panama City resident.

Stanley said trees of course are beautiful..

“But there plants and sometimes you know clearing out one gives an opportunity for more things to grow,” said Stanley. 

And city officials plan on doing just that.

“This is a park that every year we provide annual planting, so we plant trees here every year,” said Baker. 

Taking a tree down, and in return.

“We want to help in that mitigation process and replant trees,” said Baker. 

Anytime tree removal shared the lowest quote for the removal as $13,000. The city plans to request estimated costs for track resurfacing shortly after removal on Monday.