BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB)–In a News 13 exclusive, we are learning the long-awaited toxicology results of the driver who crashed into Coconut Creek Family Fun Park, killing two young children. The tragic crash left a hole in the hearts of both the family and the community.

On December 4th, Scott Donaldson was driving his truck westbound on Highway 98 when he crashed through the fence of the park. 4-year-old Baylor Kirchgessner and his sister 6-year-old Addie Kirchgessner were killed.

Now six months later, we’re learning more about the driver and what may have caused the crash. According to investigative documents exclusively obtained by News 13, Donaldson has epilepsy. Those documents along with state witnesses and law enforcement at the scene report he was exhibiting seizure-like symptoms at the time of the crash. He was then brought to the hospital.

“In front of medical staff, I mean very very credible witnesses, the doctor and the nurses in the Emergency Room saw him have another seizure,” said Waylon Graham, Donaldson’s attorney.

At the hospital, Donaldson’s blood was taken to be tested for drugs and alcohol. Those results are now being made public for the first time.

“His blood alcohol level was 0.0. They did a drug screen for controlled substances and they found absolutely no controlled substances in his blood at all,” Graham said.

The State Attorney’s Office is now issuing 5 subpoenas for Donaldson’s medical records. They’re investigating whether or not Donaldson was negligent in taking his epilepsy medicine or if he wasn’t truthful to his doctor about his condition.

In the documents, it says Donaldson had visited his neurologist two days before the crash and the doctor wrote in their notes that he was “able to do activities of daily living without limitations” which they say includes driving an automobile. The doctor’s notes also say Donaldson’s last seizure took place in 2018.

The state will also send Donaldson’s remaining blood sample to a private lab for more intense screening.

“One more specialized than FDLE, that can look for this precise anti-seizure medication,” Graham said.

The State Attorney’s Office is investigating possible criminal charges of vehicular homicide and/or manslaughter by culpable negligence. They are unable to comment as it’s an ongoing investigation.