Tourist Survives Being Hit By a Truck in Destin


DESTIN, Fla. (WMBB)- A tragic accident over the weekend in Okaloosa County.

“I begged the good lord, please don’t take her. I said, “please don’t take her,” recalled Charles “Ike” Tressler, the victim’s husband.

Yet another pedestrian was hit near the dangerous intersection by Harbor Walk Village and Stahlman Avenue. At this very location, a handful of similar accidents have happened but, not all of the pedestrian were as lucky as the lady who survived this weekend.

“She was like a rag doll, flying through the air. It was awful,” described Tressler.

Tressler says, his wife Darla was walking behind him as they left McGuire’s Irish Pub and began making their way back to the hotel.

Crossing the road, and watching it all happen, Tressler says, his wife was hit by a truck heading west, down Highway 98.

“We’ve had four pedestrians struck here in the last several years,” shared Sgt. Jason Fulghum, Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials say this incident could have easily been avoided.

“If you look down to the east, that crosswalk is probably 30 to 40 yards away from us and, had the person chose to walk down there and cross, they would have very likely avoided being struck by the vehicle,” explained Sgt. Fulghum.

Destin officials have been adding additional precautionary measures to keep pedestrians safe.

“These crosswalks are built for your safety and it’s important for you to use those. With the flashing lights, people may see that it’s over the top but, really in essence, if it’s going to save a person’s life then it’s worth every bit,” said Catherine Card, City of Destin.

Hoping that this doesn’t happen to anyone else, Tressler recommends using the crosswalks.

“It can happen so quickly. Your life in just a flash of an eye and it can change and I’m telling you what, it changed mine,” said Tressler.

Remember, always look both ways before crossing.

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