Thousands of Gulf Power Customers Impacted by Tio Data Breach


Gulf Power officials said Monday that more than 22,000 customers could be affected by a data breach from a third party vendor. 

The vendor, Tio, a recently acquired subsidiary of PayPal, revealed earlier this month that more than 1.6 million customers in total could be affected by the breach. 

Gulf Power used Tio to handle check, debit and credit card transactions online and in kiosks in their offices. The company has already started sending out letters to customers who may be impacted. 

Gulf Power officials say Tio is offering a year of credit monitoring and identity theft protection to customers who were affected. The company has also severed ties with Tio and is now using a different outside vendor to handle these transactions.  

“We really apologize,” said Company Spokesman Rick Delahaya. “This was a situation beyond our control.”

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