SOUTH WALTON Fla. (WMBB) — There is some exciting news for an iconic business in Grayton beach.

The Red Bar is getting closer to opening its doors after an electrical fire destroyed the 20-year-old establishment.

“18 months exactly today. We burned Feb 13th,” said Olivier and Louis Petit, The Red Bar owners.

On Tuesday, The Red Bar received an inspection for Certification of Occupancy. 

“We are excited, today is a big, big day for us,” said Louis Petit.

After a long few months of renovations and rebuilding after the restaurant caught fire, The Red Bar owners are excited to serve their community again soon.

“It’s a magical moment really,” said Olivier Petit. “To see it completed and almost reopen. From bewilderment to sheer joy. We are so excited and so humbled by it.”

Sammy Sanchez, the Fire Marshal of South Walton Fire District, examined the building for the fire-life safety inspection to see that all requirements have been met.

“Given the recent history of this place,” said Sanchez. “We wanted to make sure that our I’s were dotted and our t’s were crossed because this is an iconic restaurant, it’s a part of this community and we are glad to see it back.”

Sanchez said he thinks the red bar will be ready for the re-opening, which is coming up very soon.

“Probably around July the 10 or the 11th. We are still trying to figure it out, but very soon,” said Olivier Petit.

The owners of The Red Bar are very thankful for the support the community has given them during their rebuilding.