In this weeks “Open for Biz”, sponsored by GED Lawyers, Chris Marchand headed to Blountstown and visited the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement.

When you step on to the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement in Blountstown you truly do step back in time.

The goal of the settlement is to preserve the pioneer lifestyle for future generations and encourage interest in the stories and ways of the past. They also provide relevant and creative educational programs, performances, exhibits and visitor experiences.

The buildings that make up the settlement are all original building dating back to the 18 hundreds.

During Hurricane Michael almost everyone one of the historic buildings fell victim to the high winds that knocked over all of the trees that lined the grounds.

Co-founder Linda Smith said, while they are back open for businesses they are still a long way from being where they were prior to Hurricane Michael.

She went on to say, “well the community is still struggling everybody is struggling and we are having some events and we do get some participation but it’s not as much as we were hoping we would get because the local people are still having a lot of trouble getting back themselves we haven’t had activities to bring in money for quite a while so we are scraping the bottom of the barrel”.

Due to damage from the storm. Tours are available by appointment only Monday to Saturday. Call 674-2777 for more info or go to

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