The Panama City Fire Department reminds residents to ‘Close before you Doze’


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — When a fire breaks out in a home it can spread rapidly, but there are steps you can take to prevent the outbreak of fire.

The Panama City Fire Department conducted a demonstration to spread the message of safety.

October is National Fire Prevention Month and the Panama City Fire Department is reminding residents to ‘Close before you Doze’. Closing your doors in the home could dramatically decrease the amount of fire or smoke in your home.

Early Wednesday morning –  they demonstrated just that – by showing just how fast a fire can spread when doors are left open versus closed. Lieutenant Roy Albright says closing doors can make a life saving difference. 

“There’s a ton of information we can get and show the general public of things that they can do before we get there to help us and stay safe at the same time.Things like shutting you door at night, isolating yourself in the room. If you did have a fire, with the proper smoke detectors to alert you, you’re at a higher chance of survival because the smoke doesn’t have a big enough opening to enter your room because the door is shut,” said Albright.

The fire department says you should even try to close your front door on your way out of your home, if it catches fire.

“Small things like if your house does catch on fire and you exit your house, have a meeting place outside to where your kids know where to go, you can gather the whole family. But shut your door on the way out as well,” said Albright.

Smoke detectors are also an important element.

“Make sure you got the smoke detectors, make sure you’re changing those batteries. Making sure that you’re shutting those doors, I have a young son I know how hard it is to close those doors after you put them to bed but as far as safety goes, that’s going to be huge for them,” said Albright.

The fire department also reminds residents to stay low when smoke is in the room and to check the door for heat before opening.

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