Tele-health Programs in Bay District Schools


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — With many parents and families still struggling after Hurricane Michael, Bay District Schools partnered with PanCare to make life a little easier.

PanCare is bringing urgent care into schools and making doctors available for students via video conferencing at any given moment.

The tele health program is a fairly recent program instituted into 21 Bay District Schools as well as other counties.

These services are grant funded and this non-profit organization conducts these health assessments at no cost to families.

When a student is sick and goes to the nurses office, the nurse and student are able to video conference a doctor at PanCare who can give them the correct diagnostic without the student having to leave school and be absent or the parents having to leave work.

Providing both medical and behavioral or psychological treatments. Director of tele-medicine, Eddie Clifton, says this takes the weight off parents shoulders.

“Since the storm, with so many people having these barriers. From financial barriers to transportation barriers to just general access, PanCare partnered with Bay District Schools to bring urgent care to the campuses,” said Clifton.

PanCare’s eventual goal is to be in every school in the Panhandle.

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