PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A teenager’s racially charged video is causing a huge controversy.

A Mosley High School student posted a video, which was shot in his home, on a social media site. It shows him holding a shotgun and talking about shooting anyone trying to break into his house. 

Local resident and civil rights advocate, Greg Dossie, says it goes too far. 

“He did a comparison to shooting ducks and saying I’m killing a N either way,” Dossie said. 

Dossie believe the teen should be arrested. 

“He uses the N word on numerous occasions that the hate charge should be added on,” Dossie said. 

Despite the inflammatory nature of the video, no one in an authority position is planning to take any action at this time.

We contacted Bay District School officials earlier this week. They issued a statement saying, in essence, since the teen did not mention school or committing violence against students or school personnel, they’ve referred it to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office.

The Bay County Sheriff’s officials issued their own statement stating, “in spite of the deeply offensive comments made by the teenager, no crime has been committed.” 

“What disappointed me the most was that the sheriff said that he had contacted the State Attorney’s Office and that it was not a crime,” Dossie said. 

State Attorney, Glenn Hess, also issued a statement saying, “we agree that the comments are highly offensive, but no crime has been committed.” 

This student could face discipline at the school level, but the public will never know.

Superintendent, Bill Husfelt stated, “while there are consequences for hate speech and disruptive incidents, those individual consequences are not released to the public because student discipline information is confidential and protected.”

Our attempts to talk to the student have been unsuccessful.