Teen Needed 80 Stitches after Shark Bite

DESTIN, Fla. - A teenager survived a horrific attack by punching a five-foot shark as it was attacking her, Okaloosa Sheriff's deputies wrote in a news release.

Caitlyn Taylor, 17-year, from Louisville, Ken., who was in town to play in a softball tournament, suffered six puncture wounds from the shark bite and needed 80 stitches, officials added. 

Taylor was swimming in the Gulf of Mexico behind a condominium at 1040 East Highway 98 in Destin.

"Witnesses say a five-foot shark bit the girl while she was in waist-deep water around 3:39 p.m. Caitlyn says she initially thought it was a dolphin in the water. It was in a wave headed towards her," officials wrote. "She says it took her by the legs, tugged on her, and immediately turned her lose."

Officials have not determined what type of shark attacked Taylor. She had scrape wounds on her left leg and puncture wounds on her right leg near her knee.



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