DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla. (WMBB) – It seems like some local kids don’t know the first rule of fight club.

The DeFuniak Springs Police Department has caught wind of teens having so-called “fight clubs” in the restrooms of public parks.

As many as 50 teens will gather in the Wee Care Park bathrooms to take part in this fight club.

Since these brawls are taking place in restrooms, there is no footage besides that taken on cell phones.

But there is footage of the group entering and leaving the restroom.

Lieutenant Richard Black said there have only been a few instances so far, but it has been enough to get the attention of local officials.

“Wee Care Park is a county park and they are concerned that it is not family-friendly when these activities are going on and they’ve gotten complaints from some of the parents that have gone there with their small children that this is going on and they can’t even use the restroom facilities because of the activities,” Black said.

“Yeah with the fight club, we bring our kids here,” park-goer Hunter Garner said. “He doesn’t need to run into any problems like that and just anybody else. It’s a friendly neighborhood.”

If someone is caught participating in these activities, they will be banned from all county parks.

And if they are found in a county park afterward, they can be arrested and charged with trespassing.

“We don’t want to charge anybody,” Black said. “We just want them to be safe and not participate in these activities. This is not something of an aggression type thing where they are mad at each other, they are doing this out of fun or sport and they don’t realize how much you can get hurt.”

Black said a way to prevent this could be getting the teens involved in sports as a healthier outlet for their energy.