Suspected Florida Fish and Wildlife officer shooter speaks


 Both suspects accused of being involved in the shooting of a Florida Fish and Wildlife officer last Friday remain behind bars.

The shooting aftermath lead law officers from multiple agencies on an intense manhunt.

Wednesday the suspected shooter spoke exclusively to News 13.  

“I don’t think the officer did anything wrong,” said suspected F.W.C. officer shooter Samuel Reager. 

Authorities say the two suspects in the alleged F.W.C. officer shooting were transients—20-year-old Lachlan Akins and 18-year-old Samuel Reager, and they’d only been in the panhandle for about three months.

“I just picked up and left. I left my family behind, didn’t tell them where I was going, didn’t tell anyone where I was going. Only me and my co-defendent knew we were coming down here,” said Reager. 

The two suspects left Petoskey, Michigan to go to Mobile, Alabama where they stayed for a while before coming to Panama City.

Friday afternoon, officials say F.W.C. Officer David Brady boarded a sailboat near the St. Andrew pass in response to a disturbance.

“I just wasn’t in a good mood, so I just went and picked up so alcohol, a couple of Four Loko’s and some 40’s and we were just drinking, and some Klonopin just to calm you down. I had been smoking a bunch too,” said Reager.

When asked about what happened when Officer Brady made contact with the two men, Reager said, ”I just don’t know. I don’t want to self-incriminate myself.” 


However when asked why there was any altercation between himself and the office, he said, “The bill of sale was written a while back so the boat wasn’t registered, neither was the dingy so there’s two tickets there at least. I mean yeah we had weed on the boat, I’m not going to lie about that. There was alcohol on the boat, I wasn’t 21.”

Brady was shot in the collarbone and lower side, jumped off his boat and into the water, and exchanged fire with the suspects, which left Reager with a gunshot wound to the hand.

Officials say Reager and Akin got on Officer Brady’s boat, tried to run him over multiple times, and eventually abandoned the boat on Beach Drive. 

“Can you say which boat you were on when you got to shore,” asked News 13 reporter Larissa Scott, ”I mean we weren’t on the sailboat. The sailboat wouldn’t go that close to shore. The sailboat was left out there,” said Reager. 

According to police, the suspects ran to the 300 block of Massalina Drive and hid in a pole barn behind a house.

“We were in a building and then the owner came in and he started going out and shouting ‘Oh they’re in here, they’re in here,” and then I just knew that that was that, like that was the end. My buddy started busting out the one window and hopped out of it and started running and I’m just standing there like I wasn’t about to hop out the window. So, I decided to start walking down to the front doors to be ready for when they come in,” said Reager. 

Reager says if he could re-live last Friday he would do some things differently. 

“I wouldn’t describe myself as a dangerous person, but there’s nothing more dangerous than someone who’s scared, and I was scared. I’ve never been more scared before in my life. I mean you could probably ask any officer, there’s nothing more dangerous than someone who’s scared,” said Reager.

One of his biggest concerns is what his mom thinks of him. 


“She has to be thinking, how could my little boy be here in this situation, the little boy that I raised end up doing this. It’s not that, it’s all the other bad decisions I’ve made and all the drugs that I’ve done and all the other things that I’ve done that led to this,” said Reager. 


When asked what’s going to happen to him next, Reager responded, “I’m going to spend a lot of time in prison, probably the rest of my life.”

Reager is facing four new charges in this case including resisting arrest with violence, making a total of seven charges. 


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