Sunshine State Act not Passed Yet

PANAMA CITY FLa. - Yesterday marked the beginning of many new Florida laws. Although, one that did not go into effect is a plan by Florida legislature to stay on daylight savings time year round. This is the Sunshine State Act. 

It has still not received congress approval, because it is not considered a top priority on the congressional agenda.
If it eventually does get approved it means while the rest of the country sets clocks back in the Fall Florida will not. Which will allow the sun to rise and set one hour later.

Tourism official Catie Feeney, says this may have an effect on Panama City Beach tourism. 
"I think that our visitors spend more time on the beach in the afternoon than they do in the morning so I think they might enjoy that extra hour or so before the sun sets. Any time that you can have more sunshine and more daylight on the beach is great for us."

Currently, Hawaii and Arizona are the only other states that have permanent daylight savings times. 

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