Summit for a Resilient North Florida held in Marianna


Long term recovery teams, state and local government, homeowners and businesses affected by hurricane Micheal met in Jackson County for a one day summit, Monday.

Community leaders and citizens of the 12 counties impacted by hurricane Michael joined under one roof to have their questions regarding the long term recovery process and resiliency answered.

“One of the ironies of disasters is that once you’re hit by a disaster you become very capable in how to recover, but unfortunately a lot of times that knowledge and experience comes after the fact,” said Leslie Chapman-Henderson, Federal Alliance for Safe Homes President/CEO.

The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes along with other government agencies like FEMA, teamed up to host a Summit for a Resilient North Florida to speed up the finding of solutions.

“This is a one stop shop for maybe some of the more experienced folks to help those that are doing this for the first time,” said Chapman-Henderson. “One of the smartest things I heard today was this is a regional challenge.”

From discussion, those affected are all finding common struggles in things like funding, and housing post hurricane Michael. 

Jackson County administrator, Wilanne Daniels said another common ground is to be remembered.

“The need for the nation to not forget us, for these philanthropic organizations to continue to take note of us and donate to our long term recovery efforts,” said Wilanne Daniels, Jackson County administrator.

Daniels said she hopes to continue seeing these types of meetings for all of the panhandle.

“There may not be an answer yet, but I believe it’s coming and largely through these long term recovery groups,” said Daniels.

The one day summit covered everything from the Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018 to FEMA mitigation assesment findings.

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