BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — It’s National Roller Skating month, but a local roller derby team doesn’t just celebrate the sport in October.

Bay County’s Sugar Sands Roller Dolls skate all year long.

The non-profit organization began in 2014.

After facing several challenges brought along by the Covid-19 pandemic, they have been working hard to get to a point where they are able to compete. Practices were paused for more than a year and now they struggle to find affordable places to train.

A lot of the team’s members are beginners. They need a safe, open space to conduct drills and host games they call ’bouts.’

The close-knit group of girls said they want to find more people to add to their ‘framily’- friend family.

They said there is no experience required and you just have to be 18. However, most of the women are more than 30.

They said to check out their website to learn how to sign up or donate.

The derby season ends at the end of the month, but practice will continue. When the Sugar Sands Roller Dolls are ready, they will go back to competing in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.